Nuendo 3

Hey all

I have decided to move to Cubase. I will be selling my Nuendo 3 with box Manuel and key. Anyone know how much I should ask for it? Just curious, since I can get no information older then N4. A little Help please

Nuendo 3 will be nearly worthless at this point. It’s very old and you can’t upgrade it to current versions, plus it’s no longer “buyers only”, you could say…

Anything higher than 300 bucks will be asking way too much, but you’ll probably have to price it a fair bit lower than even that.

ive now decided to keep and just pay for the upgrades

Hello James, I read your post about switching to cubase from Nuendo 3 and possibly wanting to sell it. Do you still have it available and if so are you still willing to sell it. I gave my son my old tower with Nuendo 3 on it from yrs ago but it crashed and he has since switched to Logic and apelton but we would like to retrieve some old stuff that we can’t pull up without Nuendo 3. Please let me know. Thanks