Nuendo 360° video integration requires deprecated GoPro VR 3.0.5

I know it is hardly the most requested feature in Nuendoland, but to work with 360° video, Nuendo uses GoPro VR Player 3.0.5. This product was last updated in 2018, and has not existed in an official capacity since at least 2021.

Its developer, Kolor, is long gone, and GoPro now uses a GoPro Player with Hypersmooth that to my knowledge has none of the integration capabilities of the old VR Player.

This is still the official 360° video integration for Nuendo 13 in 2024.

With some web sleuthing, I was able to find a vestigial link for the Mac 3.0.5 version. And amazingly it does work. But this is not sustainable.

Is there an alternative Nuendo workflow for 360° video for 2021 and beyond?

This was asked three years ago, but there was never any response to it. Figured I’d ask the question again.