Nuendo 4.3.0 blacklisting psp plugin after installation

hey guys,

i just bought psp vintage warmer2 version 2.5.0, i use nuendo 4.3.0 on windows 7, pc.
the plugin install works fine but once i open up a project the plugin cant be found anywhere.
i tried copying the dll files into other vst plugin folders but still didnt work. Why would Nuendo blacklist this plugin? Is the problem with the plugin or nuendo? I tried updating the vst plugins list within nuendo but that didnt help.
anyone had any issues like this? Any ideas?


I had problems with Nuendo 4.3 and the last version of PSP Mastercomp. Nuendo was freezing from time to time even if the plugin wasn’t loaded in any slot. It took a while to figure it out. I re-installed the previous vesrion of PSP Mastercomp and everything was fine again.
Before finding out what the cause was I even reinstalled Nuendo. It didn’t help at all.
I suggest to try a previous version of VintageWarmer before doing anything else.