Nuendo 4 32bit on Windows 7 64bit * Eucontrol not working

Hi Guys!
I’m really desperate about this… and if anyone could help it would be more than wonderful!

I’m running my old Nuendo 4 32bit for some years now on a Windows 7 64bit. Everything runs smoothly!
Bought 2 Artist Mix and one Artist Control (all black) for my new studio… even bought a custom made console for this and tried with no success to download almost every single eucontrol driver from Avid website (since the oldest to the latest) and got no success to have Nuendo to recognize or even accept Eucon.

Downloaded 64 bit Eucontrol, it’s installed pretty good, but Nuendo keeps saying while initializing that there is an unknown application1 (3x).
When installing 32bit version of eucontrol, while installing there is errors happening… and it doesn’t install well…

I don’t remember any more info about this to write right now… so, if anyone could help me on this I will be forever grateful!
Leopoldo Lopes