NUENDO 4 to CUBASE 6- what can i expect?

thinking seriously of ditching Nuendo 4.3 and crossing over to Cubase 6.
what problems can i expect?
can i open old Nuendo sessions?
if so, what happens to my EQ , plug-in and instrument settings?
i don’t know of anyone who has done this, and i am concerned as i have a few hundred Nuendo sessions in progress.
all the new software i’m buying is causing Nuendo to freak out/blow up and sometimes simply NOT WORK.


c6 will open nuendo sessions just fine. the only things you might lose are plugins that are specific to n4. why not just upgrade to the latest version of nuendo?

care to elaborate on ‘all the new software’ issues?

thanks max

i knew i would lose N4 plug-ins, but what about Nuendo EQ settings? i use the channel EQs a LOT and it would be a nightmare to try to guess what they all were.

as for software, i just got Arturia’s V2 collection. beautiful stuff! N4 just doesn’t like it. Analog Laboratory plug-in crashes N4 on startup. fine when moved out of the plug-ins folder, but what’s the point? can’t use my new software? ever?
Moog Modular has problems with the preset menu in N4. won’t select the next preset when using the ‘down’ arrow.
ARP2600 has no audio output. MIDI is coming in. no sound unless i select one of the new presets. i get through maybe 3 or 4 presets, then audio output is lost again.
also, “add signature” commands are added in N4 every time there is a time signature change when Ableton 8 is ReWired. so many are added in the span of a few seconds that the system drags to a halt and i have to remove up to 50 “add signature” commands from the history or Revert. i’ve been through this many many times and it is a N4 issue, not an Ableton issue.
the Arturia instruments work fine in Ableton, btw, as well as standalone mode.

there are more issues, but those are the major headaches at the moment.
the reason for not upgrading to N5 is that N5 is all about Post. i just want to make music and i will never use most of the new features in N5.
also, it costs more to upgrade than to crossgrade. i called Steinberg canada on this. stupid, but that’s the way it is if i want score mode etc.

thanks for your time max!

your eqs will be intact. no worries there.

really?! that is SO awesome!
i mean, it would be a deal breaker for me if the Nuendo EQ settings were lost, so… PHEW.
thanks so much max!