Nuendo 5.1 and CC121's Fighting Fader

I recently decided to retire my Alphatrack. That thing was more of a headache than a useful controller.

So I got in my new CC121 over the weekend and plugged it in. All in all this thing is WAY cool and a must have for any Steiny product.

So, in setting it up I created a new project and set up a few blank files. Just to get a feel for the fader.
What I did notice is that sometimes when I would pull a fader down it would fight me. Its like it was holding on to its position and NOT letting go. Is this a fluke or is this common behavior for this controller? I have 2 weeks left on my return policy. I REALLY want this thing to work. But I refuse to play tug of war with a rogue fader. The MAIN reason I got rid of the Alphatrack is that I would have my finger on the fader automating till my hearts content then I would see what it wrote and randomly It showed occasional HUGE spikes. I would have to go back and write over the spike.

Are there known bugs with the CC121’s I should know about?
Is there any reason the fader should be fighting me?

Any thoughts?
Dennis in Memphis

Hey, yeah you can set the touch sensitivity by starting up the cc121 with both channel select buttons pressed. Indeed covered in the manual.
Make sure you update it to the latest version, you get much more functionality :slight_smile: