Nuendo 5.5.1 work with Avid HD I/O issue

My list:
Workstation: Apple Mac Pro 5,1
OS:Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2
CPU:6-Core Intel Xeon 2 X 2.66GHz
RAM:6G 1333MHz
Audio Card:Avid (digidesign)Pro Tools HD3-PCIe
Audio Interface: Avid HD I/O (8 Analog input, 8 Digital input, 8 Analog output, 8 Digital output)
Driver version:Pro_Tools_HD_Driver_v90_r3_73493
Software version:Nuendo 5.5.1(32bit)
Audio Mixing Studio

Now Nuendo can not recognize all the inputs/outputs of audio card. In Device Setup/VST Audio System/ASIO Driver, I choose Digidesign HW(HD). There are only 8 inputs and 8 outputs, however the Avid HD I/O has 16 inputs and 16 outputs. It displays “Digidesign Input/output Stream X”. Nuendo recognize Analog inputs and outputs only.

In Avid Core Audio Manager, it displays “Chanel: 8 input/8 output”. And in Audio MIDI Setup, it displays “Chanel: 8 input/8 output” too.

Please give me some advise.

From memory this is a limitation with the Avid device driver in that you’re limited to 8 I/O.

Thank you. But I hear some use Cubase with Avid device OK, using all the i/o. I think Nuendo is also OK.

If Cubase can do it then Nuendo will be able to.

A quick search shows this in the Avid Core Audio docs:

The CoreAudio Driver provides up to 18 channels of input and output, depending on your
Pro Tools hardware:
• Up to 8 channels of I/O with Pro Tools|HD systems
• Up to 16 channels of input and 18 channels of output with 003, 003 Rack,
003 Rack+, Digi 002, and Digi 002 Rack

Thank you, I will think about it.

Is there anyone who has the experience using Nuendo 5 work with Avid HD I/O or 192 I/O?

I have, but used only 8 inputs and outputs. Worked quite fine.

Bye / Tumppi

I need to use all the 16 inputs and outputs. Do you have any idea?

Unfortunately no ideas other than using another audio I/O…

Bye / Tumppi

Unless something has changed very recently and I haven’t heard about it… this is true. Really frustrating when you bring your rig to a PT HW-wired studio. Which is how I learned of the limitation…


You mean that the limitation is true unless something has changed.

Maybe it’s Avid’s problem.

But I heard that someone use all the io of Avid HD I/O with Cubase 6 in PC platform, the OS is Windows 7.

The Avid driver limit is one imposed by Avid. It is possible that their new drivers allow for more than 8 I/O.

This may be a problem with Lion. I recently got a Mackie Onyx Blackbird i/o to use with a new Mac Mini, only to discover that Lion broke the drivers, no rewrite yet. Can you check your i/o on a Snow Leopard Mac?

That’s right.
This is how it is unfortunately. And it is not broken. Avid driver is designed that way to limit the use of their hardware…

Bye Tumppi

Like Tumppi and LikelyStory said.

It works the way Avid wants it to work. If wondering about further corroboration, I asked Avid when I encountered the problem.

There’s a fair amount of acknowledgement (and confusion) about this issue out there on the web. But the bottom line is: despite clever product description that might suggest otherwise, unless you’re real good at fine print, you only get 8 outside of PT.


And that’s a whole other story! Less a problem with Lion than with Mackie. Same thing happened with their Onyx 400f drivers after OS X 4.11-- they never made a driver to support 5x, then discontinued the product line. There have been many, many complaints on their forums re their heinous Mac driver “support”. In what looks like may have been a change of heart, at least to some extent, there do appear to be recently updated Lion drivers for the Onyx F series now; you might check for the Blackbird as well.

I keep a G4 laptop with 10.4.11 to use with my old 400f (which is a great unit, all other things considered). May just get an old Windows machine for it, as their drivers have been much more consistently tended to.

But in regards to Mackie hardware and Mac drivers, in my experience: Caveat emptor!