Nuendo 5.5.4 released.. No offical mention on forum..

Nuendo 5.5.4 was released almost a week ago , so I drop on over to get the low down on the official release and early bug catches by the end users and I see Nuendo Live announcements spotted everywhere but no official announcement on 5.5.4.

Has it really come to this for Nuendo and this space ?

Yehhh, I know , they are on Holidays in Germany… LOL !

Hey Bredo,

Well they had the energy to announce the Cubase 6.07 update which you would think would be further done and dusted seeing Cubase 6.5.x is the current version.

They may have moved onto N7, still no reason to ignore the current users and the ongoing issues , we are the target market for the update after all… :slight_smile:

N7? Let’s have N6 first. :open_mouth:


Hey D,

Diagonalese slip, they may call it N6 but it is Seq7… :wink:

I only realized that there is a 5.5.4 because a user sent me a PM with a question regarding something in 5.5.4 - I was not aware that this version is already released. It should be announced. Who cares about “Live” - we are waiting for the tempotrack fix in 5.5.4 (which is most likely fixed now)


I’ve to apologize for the delay regarding the announcement of Nuendo 5.5.4.