Nuendo 5.5.6 on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Anyone tried it?

OK, I’ll answer my own question.

it’s fine, works as expected.

No one comes here any more, do they?

Sure, they do-- I think at this point (and I know I fit into this category) not all that many of us have switched over to Mavericks.

Even if everything’s fine (after doing the Core Audio update, I guess), I’m sure I’m going to wait at least a few months before making the move.

In other words… gonna “let the situation mature”! :wink:


Thanks Chewy, nice to know I’m not alone here.

I only changed to Mavericks because I started to use Final Cut Pro X quite a lot and the new version only runs on Mavericks.

So far, so good, in fact it all feels very solid.

Thanks for the report! I’m getting a new mac soon and Id rather not upgrade to N6 at this time. From reading the SB announcement it looked like only N6 would work.

I’ve had record issues with N6 in that it just drops out of record unexpectedly so I’ve stayed with N5.

I’ve been wondering about Mavericks & think I’ll just stay on ML for the moment… at least I know the system is currently stable…:slight_smile:


We have a new daw that came with OS10.9 so we installed N5.5.6 on it. Everything seemed ok but we’ve had seemingly random issues with new 10-9-created templates not allowing recording even though I/O was correct, certain preferences being “lost”, I/O occasionally not coming back, and other weird issues. We can’t find repeatable steps although I get the daw back in the studio in a few days and hope to hammer on it to find ways around these bugs.

We may move that machine to OS10.8.x so we can maintain compatibility with N5.5.x. We’re fine with moving forward to N6 except the workflow killers (documented on these forums) make it counter productive at this time.

Everyone knows what a pita Apple’s “advancements” can be, but when your only option is to purchase a new computer with the new OS, software developers should be more concerned with that issue for their users. Telling folks to “move to N6” is a fine idea, but the inability to work around the time killers in N6 make it a step back, not forward. And we’re folks who can easily adapt to new workflows, but if there’s NOT a new workflow that will give us the efficiency of N5 then it’s backwards. I love some of the new N6 features but others are deadly for users.


hi, i was about to start a thread regarding this … 5.5.6 and 10.9.2 … sounds like some are ok and some are not … i am searching to see if there is an Official Note from SB that 5.5.6 will work or is not recommended … but have not found it yet … has anyone here found the yes or no ???

thank you john

Nothing under N6 is supported for Mavericks by SB.

I’ve been running 5.5.6 for a little bit now. Having the same issues with random loss of Preferences. My advice is when you get everything set the way you like it, make a copy of your entire pref folder and leave it on your desktop or something.

I feel like the problems have settled down a little the more I’ve been using it, which frankly I’ve seen happen before with other OS upgrades. Paths get cached and things start to run more smoothly.

I’ve noticed the app tends to crash if I quit while a project is open. Close the proj first, then quit. I’ve also noticed that the app crashes when I change audio buffer setting ONY if there’s a project open. Again, close proj, change settings, open proj, seems to work repeatedly.

So far I seem to be able to function with it. We’ll see how it goes.

thx for the update … i just rolled back to mountain lion as mavericks is not working so good here on my old MacPro 3,1 … to many changes these days and coming faster than we can keep up … just trying to keep a solid system running … I so wish someone would Make a Box with an embedded operating system that would only run pro applications like Nuendo / Pro Tools / FCP for those of us that do not need Mail, and games on our workstations … i just do not open these programs but I feel sometimes they are still doing things in the background … I look at Activity Monitor on the Mac and there are things running … gets hard to turn everything off each time you restart and keep it clean …

N6 is interesting but not as stable on my system … need to upgrade system this year …

cheers john

I’m with John about wishing for a straight-forward pro computer for production work.

My 2006 Mac Pro 1,1 needs replacement only because I would like to update some software and I’m looking at later Mac pros, as in 4,1 and 5,1. Hearing about the experience with 10.9 helps me think about what OS version to begin with.

I run N5.6 and may not change, largely because I really like the mixer, and I don’t want to upgrade the OS past where N5.6 will run on it!

Thanks all for weighing in with your own experiences.

Is there a general agreement on a mostly stable Mac OS for 5.5 at this time?

I’m on 10.6.8 still and reluctant to change due to mixing some tracks right now & over all stability. But that said, the OS is thwarting my desire to demo a couple newer UAD plugs.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hello chetd,

Our workstations on N5.5.6 are using OS10.8.5. We were forced to move from OS10.6.8, my favorite, due to thunderbolt chassis compatibility and it’s worked fine. Our original concerns about OS10.8 have been dealt with, some things are a little harder to find but you can get to anything you need to tweak or turn off. These machines are for production use only, no personal use. I keep a few OS10.8 and OS10.9 bootable usb installers around for reinstalls.

Our new trashcan systems will need to be downgraded to OS10.9, they can’t be used with OS10.8. There are a few compatibility issues with N5.5.x and OS10.9, nothing major just some preference-forgetting and a couple of oddities.


Thanks Hugh.
The only reason I really have to change is to be able to try some UAD plugs like the 1073 etc.

I’m torn though and may just stay w/ 10.6.8 and use the Pultec mk2 instead.
However, it sounds like you didn’t experience any real problems. That’s helpful.

Don’t do it in the middle of a project. There most likely will be some issues with plugins, utilities, or other things you’ll regret if you upgrade when busy. Also be sure to arrange for the installer then wipe the drive. You never want to install an OS on top of another if the machine is used for production. Start over, you’ll be happier. Check all your plugins for OS compatibility updates and only install what you’re currently using.

Geeez, a year later and still struck with paranoia when considering moving from my ol’ stable NU 5.5 & 10.6.8.
As well, very tough to even find a 10.9 upgrade option. It’s 10.11 on nothing it seems.

Nuendo 7 is tempting but at $450 !? …the upgrade costs are to me, significant when considering I do my best to simply use the DAW as a glorified 16-24 track.

Literally the only reason I’m tormented is my desire to get the UAD BX20.
Wiping the drive, re-loading all SW post OS upgrade…maybe it sounds lazy but It a hellish proposition for me.

Any other stubborn / on a budget 5.5-6 folk? …are your reasons much different?

Hello there Hugh or ?…
I finally put OS 10.9.5 on a separate SSD and now attempting to re-build all SW from scratch.
(kept 10.6.8 and all SW on the other drive as a b/u)

I have the 5.0 Nuendo disk that I loaded & then downloaded 5.5.6.
The problem is you cannot install 5.5.6 without 1st installing 5.5 and I simply cannot find a 5.5 ver. anywhere on their site?

Before I email Steinberg I thought to ask if anyone has any insight here.
Much thanks if so…

Why on earth are you even using Nuendo then? You could have just bought Cubase.

Go to the Nuendo 5 downloads page and scroll down a bit.

When I first got a computer & DAW back in 2003 a good friend recommended Nuendo 1. Since I started there it seemed to make sense to stay put. Atleast it “seemed” to make sense.

I don’t know how I missed that 5.5 download on that page, nuts but thanks for pointing that out.

If you plan to upgrade someday I would strongly recommend to just buy the latest version of Cubase Pro instead of upgrading Nuendo. Cubase upgrades are much cheaper and it should be capable of everything you need, plus it comes with a bunch of useful stuff that Nuendo doesn’t have if you haven’t bought the Nuendo Expansion Kit.

It’s also a good idea to buy a new eLicenser USB dongle if you have been using the same one since before 2006. You can move your old licenses to your new dongle by simply drag and dropping them using the eLicenser Control Center. You can get a new dongle from either buying an unopened boxed version of Cubase or ordering one from the Steinberg shop. The one from the shop has a new smaller design.

The reason why you might want to buy a new one is because very old dongles from the Cubase SX1-3 and Nuendo 1-3 era are prone to stop working properly without warning after so many years of use. A new one should prevent that from happening for quite a few more years.