Nuendo 5.5 and protools project exchange

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I am currently working on a feature film as a sound designer. I am using Nuendo 5.5 on a mac. The mix stage uses protools 9 HD. I am doing a lot of surround pan automation in nuendo 5.5. Can someone please suggest me a workflow here. I need this urgently. Is there any way that to make protools understand Nuendo’s surround pan automation? I love Nuendo to bits!!! But if I cannot move my data seamlessly I am gonna have to switch to protools (which I hate to the core!!!). Please help a brother…

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I don’t think the default surround panning information can be transferred from one DAW to another.
Unless I am mistaking …

That being said, I think you could make it work when both DAW’s are using the same third party surround panner.
Not that this would be convenient …


Thank you for your quick reply. Can you please recommend a third party surround panner whose automation data can be read by both the parties? Please help. I need this as soon as possible.

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Vijay Rathinam

I think the Waves 360 should do the job.
But please, don’t take my word for it, you really need to test this before purchasing that bundle.

If needed, I can send you a Nuendo project with 360 panning information, so you can export it through AAF and import it into PT.


Waves 360 is great - sometimes I like it better than the built-in panner - when I am being picky and not lazy :slight_smile:. You can demo it for 7 days from Waves to find out yourself.

If the automation actually ports across between Nuendo and PT - that would be amazing. I don’t have the absurdly expensive surround upgrade for PT (AVID is still on major drugs with their pricing!) so I can’t test that.

I’d be curious to know this as well!