NUENDO 5.5 - Color Scheme.


The color scheme NUENDO 5 (Work Area) is very inconvenient and unpleasant for eyes. I can’t work!!! 15 minutes kill my eyes!!! And I have to go back to NUENDO 3 !!! :imp: in the moment…
Very much it is very very bad !!! :imp:

How it is possible to use the color scheme from NUENDO 3?

my only issue is this: when i highlight a wav file in the edit window it turns BLACK and i DO NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL
how can this be changed, its not very conducive to a quick edit anymore!!!
please tell me how to get rid of this

How it is possible to use in NUENDO 5.5 the color scheme from NUENDO 3 or NUENDO 4? Please help me !!!

I wish these (colors) where my problems… :wink: . (have u tried the manual? must be some info in there)

Well, I wonder why things need to chance that often… It is fine to mess with the design of the mixer - I like the current look but I don’t care much - but that Event-Color-Scheme - why is there a constant fluctuation? I don’t want to win designer prices, I want a tool to get my work done - and that tool should not look different all the time.

Just to understand it correctly, to those of you, who have already installed 5.5:

Is there again a new color-scheme in 5.5? Or is it the same as in 5.0? In between I got used to that one…


Opening a project I just mixed in 5.1, I was startled by the intensity of the colors on tracks. However, I was able to access “Select Colors” from the tool bar and lower the intensity of each.

Yes, it so. But color scheme Work Area it is impossible to real change. All variants are incorrect for eyes.