Nuendo 5.5 crackling

Hi all,

Today there is something weird that’s happening with N5.5 on my Mac. When I open a previously saved project and play it, I hear significant crackling sounds. It does not matter whether the project contains just 1 track with no VI/VSTs or 30 tracks. The sound however goes away after 5-10 mins but comes back occasionally. ASIO meter shows around 30% utilisation and the LED it lit in light orange color. I am not streaming any samples but all audio tracks from a separate 7200 RPM SATA drive (OS is on SSD).

I tried setting up audio priority ‘boost’ in VST settings but that didn’t help either.

I can’t believe if this is supposed to be happening due to high CPU utilisation or disk bottleneck, as I can more than 40 tracks in Logic on the same Mac.

Has anyone else observed this behaviour? I’d much appreciate if there are any potential fixes to this issue…


what mac?
what i/o?
what os?
what buffer setting?
etc etc

Hi maxhowarth,

Its MacBook Pro 2.3GHz i7 QUAD
2 internal SATA drives: 1 512GB SSD and the other is 7200 RPM HDD
The issue reproducible using MBP’s internal sound card (using BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm headphones)
The only IO is a USB hub which contains eLicenser and iLOKs
Snow Leopard
Buffer size is what’s default, I haven’t changed it (256?)

could it just be the disk? try playing back from the project from the ssd (or an external drive) as a test.

and try changing the buffer to see if that helps. at least it will narrow down the possibilities.