Nuendo 5.5 hangs on shutdown

this seems to happen at least half the time. I have no problem saving/closing my project file, but when I try to shut down Nuendo, it just sits there forever with the little “please wait” spinning circle cursor, until I kill it with the task manager.

This occurs if a driver or another software module cannot be released. Can be the sound card driver or anything else…

Keep a copy of the preferences and try it again with a fresh ones.

Tried that, didn’t fix it.

Windows is not my field of expertise, but have you try using another audio device? Maybe the problem is the drivers.

hmmm… well I don’t have another audio device to try, but I will check and see if there’s a new driver

now here’s another question for you. M-Audio has drivers for Window 7 32-bit, and for Windows 7 64-bit.
I have the 64-bit Windows, but I’m running the 32-bit version of Nuendo. Which driver do you suppose I want?

64 bits.

looks like there is a newer driver - downloading it now, will install later when I have time

nope, that didn’t fix it either…

Try to use the internal soundcard. If it does not fix it, try to reinstall in another HD. Maybe W64 is broken.

I had a similar problem when using BFD 2 32 bit. Win 7 64 and Nuendo 5 64.

I think it was the VST bit bridge hanging it up. It worked with other 32 bit plugs but for some reason did not work with bfd.
I would kill the bridge from the task manager and then i could close nuendo normally.


this has been happening for me at least 70% of the time shortly after 5.1.1 I believe.
I just grin and bear it.

I don’t have BFD, but I’m pretty convinced now that one or more of my legacy plugins is to blame. I’ve discovered N5 hangs consistently after opening certain projects, but not others. If I figure out which plug(s) is the culprit, I’ll be sure and post it here. I’ve just finished final mixing on a couple projects that caused me to hang, so maybe it won’t happen again.

If it is certain projects, when the project is open, look at “plugin information”. It will show you what plugins are loaded in to the project in list form then you can compare to other projects that close normally. You can also move the dll files out of the vst plugin folder too so nuendo doesn’t load them.

I had trouble with this before and in my case it was 3rd party apps and devices, to be specific, the X-keys or Frontier alphatrack transport, I got rid of both and moved to using two of the CMC controls and now both Cubase and Nuendo are running flawless, even when left on for about 10 hours.

Also, unrelated, but I moved to a SSD drive and no longer have the go to sleep issue if you leave on the system for a few hours and come back and hit play or a key, its lightning now-