Nuendo 5.5 Update Q2?

Time gets quite warped at the Steinberg offices. A symptom of the tools they develop I suppose.

So wondering yes, but holding breath no.

Anyone else wondering???

After more than 20 years with SB? … Not really…
They’ll release it when ready… as usual …

Big K

It can’t be long now. Cubase 7 can’t realistically be released until Nuendo 6 is out, and Nuendo 6 can’t really be released until all the Nuendo 5 updates have been finished.



Nuendo 5.5.2 arrived end of January 2012.
Nuendo 5.5.3 has been released in April 2012.
Nuendo 5.5.4 will be released end of July 2012.

I believe we’re on schedule.


Don’t forget the great little SLM 128 that was released after 5.5.3…

I respectfully disagree with both of the above.


we’re currently still working on it, I think next week the picture will be clearer.
Beside the fixes one goal is to provide full compatibility with the upcoming
Nuendo LIVE, which will also be released within the next 2 weeks.


Yes, thanks :wink:


Nuendo 5.5.4 will be released tomorrow. It includes a couple of fixes in the area of Editing (audio events no longer loose their “on top” status after being moved) and the MacBook Pro Retina display problems. Complete list of fixes will be published tomorrow.


Great! I sincerely hope that AAF import has been taken care of. It would save me a lot of switching back and forth to and from ver 5.1. Can’t wait to give it a go tomorrow…


Thanks for your reply but this is half of answer. Bredo asked two simple questions.

Second was:

When are Nuendo 6 scheduled?

Thank you for additional answer.


Tomas Bilek

Looks like there´s no fix of the AAF in Nuendo 5.5.4.
Not good if you work in Post Production.
Not good at all.

That would suck. I mean, I use Nuendo because I work in Post Production. But how do you know? Is it out yet?

Aha, thanks. I’ve been watching the “Announcements” section on this forum to see if there was an update. I see what you mean now. Looks like an update to accomodate Nuendo Live. Oh well, who needs to import an AAF nowadays anyway?

That’s a joke, right?


This update is a complete joke.

…we are currently working on some AAF Fixes, which slightly delay the current maintenance.
Still we hope to be able to provide the next update before Christmas.

This was in December 2011.


I was hoping to finally upgrade my Nuendo 3 to 5.5, but without proper AAF support I see no reason to do so at this point (since I already have Cubase 6.5 for all the “music” production needs). I wonder who is really the target customer base for Nuendo? Why the AAF support has been neglected for so long?

Well, AAF kind of works pre 5.5 so you can still upgrade to 5.1.
Success seems to depend on the version of AVID you are using.