Nuendo 5 does NOT upgrade to Nuendo 6

I’ve recently purchased 6 box versions of nuendo 5. On steinberg’s website i found out that i can upgrade Nuendo 5 to Nuendo 6 for free
if i activate and register eLiecencer from november 14, 2012 to Q1 of 2013. So i opened the first box today (february,6 2013) and activated and registered my Elicencer as it was written
on the website. Then i entered my usb-eLicencer number to check whether it is eligible for a free Grace Period update to the new version and i received:
Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number XXXXXX XXXXXX.
Am i doing anything wrong? How come i can not upgrade nuendo5 to nuendo6? Maybe it is because of the region i’m living in? (i’m from Kazakhstan)


as Bredo stated, it will arrive beginning of March. Then you will be able to update to the latest Nuendo 6 version.


So i hope that my Elicencer that i’ve registered today will be eligible for the update. Anyway, thanks guys! i’m sooo looking forward to Nuendo6 :wink: