Nuendo 5 & PT 9 Native on the same machine?

I’m wondering if Nuendo 5 and PT9 Native can co-exist on the same DAW given the hardware configuration is compatible with both systems? Is there anyone with first hand experience of this, and if so, does it require a dual-boot system or not?


On Mac OS, there’s no problem whatsoever. Windows OS, I don’t know.

Windows 7 64bit works fine as well.

I run both on the same windows7 machine. I’ve eve had both open at the same time going back and forth. I have never tried playback and recording both at the same time. But I think I could probably playback one and record in the other with some sort of asio mixer app… if I really put my mind to it

I have both N5 & PT9 on Mac OS-X & W7, no problems.


Me too.

Thanks guys, guess I’ll order a copy then.

All the best,

Do you mean Native or PT (?AFAIK native uses some sort of card, whereas PT 9 doesn’t)?

I’m running both Nuendo 4 and PT 9 in Windows 7. Just watch out that you may need to re-name your drives, and that iLok 2 may screw up your system. :wink:


What advantages are there to having PT9 if you’re already running N5?

The same advantage as having a Bentley in your garage, but using a Ford every day. The Ford is way more handy, but with your Bentley, you can enter the racecourse car parc :wink:


PT has useful grouping, VCA groups and lots of other time saving things for mixing (for example hide tracks, match tracks etc.). Nuendo is comparatively clunky.


So you’re actually swapping your files back and forth between the 2 programs just to use one feature in PT9 and then back to another feature in N5? Which DAW do you ultimately end up mixing the final components? Or is that entirely based on whether you have to deliver the session to another studio, thus requiring DAW compatabilty?

No, I do all MIDI production in Nuendo and then all mixing in PT.