Nuendo 5 TimeStretch - worked awesome- wow.

SO I just had to try alot of time compression ( on a VO). Previously I’ve used the Izotope Sonic Fit algorithm which you get with AudioFile Engineering WaveEditor and SampleManager. It does a great job with pitch as well and is based on the Izotope Radius algorithms I believe. Anyway Its been my go to, but at 15% time reduction (speed up) I was hearing artifacts that just wouldn’t be acceptable.

So I went ahead and loaded up Nuendo 5, and used the Zplane Solo plug it I have but thought, oh heck why not try the Nuendo time stretch process. WOW, the Nuendo Time Stretch set to Solo Musical was without a doubt, handsdwn the cleanest! Spectacular. I even compressed the VO to 25% and had less artifacts that I was getting at 15% with other algorithms. In fact, I could have used the 25% compressed version except it was to quick to be coherent. But still was clean and clear.

I’m stunned. I can’t believe I don’t use it more so I’m mentioning it partly a thanks to Steinberg (who I actually think license this from Prosoniq) but also to remind others, don’t forget the power of Nuendo’s Time Stretch- I sure did.

By the way, what version of Mpex is Steinberg giving us in Nuendo 5 anyway. I haven’t used Radius or Xform in a while but the work I did today gave at least as good of results according to my memory.


Agreed, I’ve been happy with n5’s pitch and time performance

I’ve been using the pitchshift process in envelope mode a lot lately

thumbs up


I’ve been using this for sung vocals +/- 2 semitones - very pleased. I used to use the original prosoniq pitch shifters which were great, so no surprise if this is based on that. I agree, solo musical for vocals works fine.

Thanks guys !


Yeah, I’m really curious what algorithms are being used here. I thought Steinberg licensed Mpex 2 years ago but I’m really curious whats “under the hood” with Nuendo 5 because it really is very impressive!

Still MPEX, nothing has changed.


Hi all,

I’d like to say “thank you” very much for your positive comments!
Good to hear that it worked well.


Thanks for chiming in Timo and Fredo.

So is this Mpex in Nuendo 5 the same as what was in Nuendo 3 and 4?
I’m really surprised because it seemed so much improved from my test last week- but maybe my memory was poor !

Plus, the new pitch driver is absolutely AMAZING!

Yes, it’s the same. Maybe N3 had an older version, not sure about that.
The thing is that most of the users used the wrong algo, thinking that “Poly” is be definition better than “Solo”.


Yes, the time squeeze is awesome, has been since N4. Use solo music mode. I do mostly VO, and for disclaimers on ads I used to have my talent over-enunciate consonants because the time squeeze would shorten them too much. I don’t have to do that very often anymore, even down to 80%. Great job Steinberg.

Lol, you’re spot on Fredo, I’ve always tried poly this and that and never been satisfied, but Solo Musical is the s**t man :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads up.


Just curious about your results with stretching and not time compression. I find solo musical still comes up a bit short. I use it for fitting ADR that is a near miss. I have often found that some of the algorithms in PT (parden my French) work really well for stretching without artifacts. The time stretch algorithms that came pre- X-form. How do you manage fitting ADR in Nuendo?



The you must be stretching way more than is reasonable.

That being said, most of the time we are using Vocalign.


I’d like to do a shoot out between the two DAWs. What do you think would be a fair way to do so. TC/E vs MPEX Musical Solo?