Nuendo 5 to 7 grace period question

i have unactivated Nuendo 5,
if i plan to activate it NOW , will i still get the grace period upgrade to Nuendo 7 ?

The website says " activation on april 20 2015 and later"… can anyone confirm this?


My understanding, possibly incorrect, is that you activate an upgrade, it does not matter what version the upgrade was originally for, and you are automatically upgraded to the currently available version.

But if that is the full version you have there, as yet unactivated, I am not sure. And as you didn’t include the url of the quote, it’s not easy to comment on the policy statement you were looking at. (Google did not find the exact quote you included.)

Thank you for your response Boatman, it is actually a full version of Nuendo 5 in an unopen box.

can anyone help?

Hi are74,

and sorry for the late reply. If it is indeed an unopen box, then you should be within the grace period, i.e. you will get a Nuendo 7 license automatically after activating Nuendo 5.

Please let me know if you get any issue with this.

All the best