Nuendo 5 with 64-bit

I have been using Nuendo 5 with my XP 32-bit computer but I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. So is Nuendo 5 compatible with 64-bit? Will my old project files open up?

And if anyone is familiar with these software synths, are these compatible?
Tone 2 Tone Gladiator
Zebra 2

Sausage Fattener


Nuendo 5.5 offers full 64-bit compatibility. Please make sure you have updated to 5.5 (cost free update from
previous Nuendo 5 versions, but requires a separate license code that can be found in MySteinberg account).

However, I cannot speak for the plug-ins here.


64bit N5.5 runs great. Will open your 32bit files just fine. I recommend getting Jbridge for any 32bit plugins.

I recommend dropping all 32-bit plugins as fast as you can replace them with 64-bit versions.
Bit-Bridging is a temporary cobble, not a solution.

but when bridging is necessary, use j-bridge, not the internal one.

Im in general agreement with both of you :slight_smile:. I only have 1 32bit plug left which is the VB3 organ. Its too good to drop and the 64bit update is pending. It runs in a very crippled fashioned, but it still runs which means its still better than every other soft hammond. Every other plug i have is available for 64bit thankfully.