Nuendo 6.5.35 maintenance update available now!

Dear forum-members,
Steinberg today releases a new update for it’s Nuendo audio post-production software. Nuendo 6.5.35 updates the internal AAF filter by providing fixes for important issues. In addition, Nuendo now allows selection of timecode positions for imported AAF files (three modes).

New technologies - PROXIMITY game audio
Nuendo 6.5.35 provides full support for IOSONO/BARCO‘s upcoming PROXIMITY game audio technology by updating the integrated surround panner Anymix Pro to the Anymix Pro PROXIMITY version. As soon as Anymix Pro is used with a PROXIMITY bus inside Nuendo, it turns into a command center for PROXIMITY game sound production by offering PROXIMITY effects and control parameters. Visit PROXIMITY website for more information on PROXIMITY, upcoming game titles and the required PROXIMITY hardware development kit.

Notification: Please note that Nuendo 6.5.35 installs an updated 6.5.30 version. For technical reasons, the version number of your Nuendo installation does NOT change to 6.5.35, but will be 6.5.30 after this latest update has been installed successfully. In case your previous installation is Nuendo 6.5.30, the version number will remain unchanged. In case your previous installation is Nuendo 6.5.20, the new version number will be 6.5.30.

More information is available in the VersionHistory on the
Nuendo 6.5.35 download page:
Nuendo 6.5.35 installer download and VersionHistory

Thank you for using Nuendo!

I just loaded this update, including the update for the NEK. It appears to have removed some of my VST sounds. It asked to locate sounds on loading Nuendo and then once I opened a Halion SonicSE2 instance certain sounds said that audio files were missing.

Please advise on how best to restore the missing sounds? I’m in the middle of several mixes. This looked like a harmless maintenance update. There are currently only 2 files in my VST Sounds Folder FCP_SMT_006_Nuendo.vstsound and FCP_SMT_007_Nuendo.vstsound

Still looking for a solution here. I opened a recent back up of my VST Sounds folder and copied all the missing files over but I’m still getting errors on booting Nuendo telling me I’m missing a variety Halion Symphony sounds.

EDITED: I seem to only be missing HSO files since I copied my old sounds over. Not missing ALL the HSO files, just some.

I’m opening a ticket for this. I’m usually slow to do upgrades, now I remember I why.

Is there an NEK update that accompanies this 6.5.35 update?
Because I don’t see it anywhere.

Nevermind the above, the NEK updater is bundled within the 6.5.35 updater.
I’ll leave this post up in case anyone else was looking for the NEK installer as a separate download.


Hi there,
I wanted to update myfreshly installed 6.5.20 Version to 6.5.35 but the only Update was the eucon
And After are restart the versionnumber still is 6.5.20. My sw is registered.

My app version was not update either!

Previously had 6.5.30, installed update and version still reads 6.5.30.

Please advise.

There’s a note from SB that this is the case. I forgot what you’re supposed to look for to see that the update happened (in my case missing instruments) but it’s expected that the version number doesn’t show it…

Excuse me! I am newbie here and just purchased the nuendo package. My mac is Yosemite 10.10 OS. When I am about to install, “you need at least 10.6 os to install”. Can you help me???

This is exactly the message I was just greeted with as well. Solution?


You need this