Nuendo 6.5.40 crashes with no internet access

My internet was down the other day and I couldn’t get Nuendo to stay open. Sometimes it would crash just after boot, but it mostly crashed after it sat there for a couple of minutes. Once I got service back, it worked liked a charm. Could it be it was looking for the Hub? I turned that feature off (so it won’t appear at startup). Anybody else experience this? I don’t recall it ever happening before.

We had a very similar sort of crashes this morning. Sort of time bomb 2 to 7 minutes after boot up. Here the nightmare ended after we stopped a experiment with a combination of MADI and Dante Virtual Soundcard.
With Internet Access I was never in doubt…but who knows…


We have 10 Nuendo workstations, none of them connected to the internet, none of them crashing.
I doubt your crashes are related to Nuendo-Internet access…