Nuendo 6.5 announced

Dear forum members,

Steinberg has announced Nuendo 6.5, the upcoming new version of Nuendo, expected to be released in Q3 2014. Nuendo 6.5 introduces new features in various areas such as mixing, import/export, ADR and workflow improvements. Among the new features in Nuendo 6.5 are:

  • Loudness Processing including true peak limiting
  • Loudness Track peak indication
  • metering output for using external hardware meters (main)
  • Reworked AAF filter (import/export)
  • ADR 2.0 Taker with Free Recording Mode for Voice and Foley recording, Auto-naming, pre-record, 2nd swipe
  • BassManager for monitoring of low freqencies including routing capabilities
  • TrackVersions for managing several versions of the same track
  • Track visibility management within the Nuendo Project window
  • Redesigned Control Room for better visibility and faster parameter access
  • REVelation reverb and Magneto 2 tape saturation
  • Steinberg HUB with quick folder access to the 4 most often used projects

Next to the new features, more than 80 issues have been resolved compared to Nuendo 6.0.7 (a detailled list will be available soon). Nuendo is still in the testing phase in order to guarantee best stability.

Alongside the release of Nuendo 6.5, Yamaha will provide a new version of the Nuage toolset,
with improved access to the latest Nuendo features.

Please visit the Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 product page for more information on the new features: Nuendo 6.5 product pages


Hi! what is the grace period?
I activated my Nuendo 6 before a week (Product activated on 23/05/2014 07:17) and got this message
Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number 1267432******

same question, Product activated on 03/20/2014


you are definitely within the GracePeriod, but the update itself is not yet available. That’s why the system
cannot update your license yet. It will happen once the update is available.


Is this a free upgrade? Highly unlikely i guess, but having invested 50 copies of Nuendo 6 in our classroom and studio, we are quite nervous.

The upgrade should be free, considering how tough of an experience it has been for us loyal Nuendo users.

I don’t know about it being free…I just think it shouldn’t be more then the
Cubase 7.0-7.5 update…$50.00
Especially if some of the Nu6.0 issues are still there.
If the issues are indeed fixed, I’d be willing to pay quite a bit more.

I love the way N6.5 has been ‘announced’ just at the end of Q2 as if that somehow met the previously stated Q2 deadline for the actual release of the update!

Now we have an ‘expected’ release in Q3, although that word introduces a big question about whether or not it will happen - it could even be Q4.

I even heard stories that they wanna wait until Venus lines up with Pluto, just to ensure the Karma is “right”.


Until the list of bug fixes is available it doesn’t really matter. If the showstoppers haven’t been fixed, there ain’t much point considering an upgrade.


I don’t think it’s appropriate for a moderator to throw out jokes, when half of their users are worried about the future of their favorite DAW (Mix Console, Control Room, clicke-ty-click +++).

Even though I’m not offended about it, it will certainly devaluate your (the moderators) credability.

So be careful not to “clown” up this part of the forum, like on the Cubase side. Just sayin’.

Thank you for voicing my real intentions iBM, I’m sure this is even more helpful as my Karma remark.

I just want to point out that there is no secret strategy, conspericy, economic ripp-off or “let’s annoy our customers” behind the postponing of the release. There are many things that need to be synchronized when putting out a new version, even if it’s only a .x version. So the reason why the release date is shifted is not because of a trival thing.

The only thing you accomplish with the “tik-tok”, “… so many days left”, “are they gonna wait until the last day …?”, “Missed the release data again …” comments is that the Powers That Be will be more and more reluctant to actually announce a timeframe. Even though it is always announced as “to be expected”.


regard (something) as likely to happen.
predict, forecast, foresee, prophesy, envisage, envision


I actually found this really funny…

I did not find it funny, as the way Steinberg is ruining their daws really makes me sad.

The difference between ‘is expected to be’ and ‘will be’ is about the same as the distance between Venus and Pluto. It’s a very long way.

I just hope that this side of the forum will NOT end up like that one on the other side (Cubase side, for those who didn’t get it :wink:)
Mod damn it, I miss the old Nuendo forum.

Hallo. Still waiting for the “fix list”. I have problems with Nuendo on a daily basis (even with just open or close the program- takes years).
We need to know asap what we are getting on the 6.5

Well, then I suggest you try to troubleshoot the problem and/or call support, because this is clearly a problem with your setup/system.
If it would be a bug, then every user would experience the same problem.


I did not find it funny, as the way Steinberg is ruining their daws really makes me sad.

Quick, someone tell my clients that my DAW is getting ruined and I won’t be able to use it to make money anymore. Hyperbole! Hyperbole! :open_mouth:

That is not true - Looking at all of the most recent N6 and N5 update announcements, they ‘announce the release of…’. or ‘’ bla, bla… is made available’ - that is not the same as ‘Steinberg has announced Nuendo 6.5, the upcoming new version of Nuendo, expected to be released in Q3 2014.’. This announcement was made at the last minute just so that something was announced in Q2 !