Nuendo 6.5 compatibility with 6.0.7?

Hi everyone,

I am about to test the trial version of Nuendo 6.5
I would want to open an older Nuendo 6.0.7 project on 6.5.
Are there any known issues when running a 6.0.7 project on 6.5?
AND what about the other way around - will a 6.5 project work on the older 6.0.7?

Many thanks in advance for helping me out here!


Yes - It should work fine both ways. N6.5 is really just a maintenance update with a load of bug fixes plus some good new features.

Thank you Chris!

I will post again, if I encounter problems.


I have had success with minimal issues (hardware related, not software) taking files between 6.5 and 6.0.7.

Good luck,


When you save the project you will get the option of overwriting the old version’s save or else creating a new one.
To be safe, choose the new version option - this way if you have used any of the new features that do not translate backwards, you will still have a clean version of your project available.