Nuendo 6.5 Documentation.

As N6.5 is apparently going to be a paid update will it come with up-to-date pdf documentation incorporating all the changes made since N6 was first released?


If N6 1/2 really is a new version it should come with new, full, documentation. Does it?

OK - I’ve checked this out and found that all that this ‘new version’ has by way of documentation is a short PDF containing the new features and some other ‘improvements’, just like a normal Nx.xx.xx maintenance update.

So, despite having to pay for the update/bugfix (although no bugfix list is provided), we are still left with a completely out-of-date N6 user manual and a bunch of additional addendum that we have to rifle through when attempting to find info.

There is no full N6 1/2 user manual despite claims that it is a full new version that has nothing to do with N6.0.x. (Apparently Steinberg don’t issue bug fix lists for completely new full releases).

How cool is that?