Nuendo 6.5 nudge play head 1 frame


In Nuendo 6.5 the transport bar jog/shuttle wheel has a +/- nudge one frame button in the middle.

What are the keyboard shortcuts for these and can they be mapped? hovering over the buttons has the tip [!] for the shortcut! and I can’t find a nudge 1 frame option in the Transport list of the commands editor.


Yes you can map a KC to it, search and you Shall find.
Not close to a Nuendo ATM so I can’t check right now.
I use it all the time.

It’s called “Nudge +1 frame” in the transport-category key commands.

Not exactly intuitive… since there’s also a key command category for Nudge, which has to do with moving/trimming clips on the timeline.


Thanks … I would swear the the Nudge +/- 1 Frame wasn’t there on the weekend! :wink:

But of course it is … I’m the one that needs a 1 frame Nudge Button…

If i had a nudge 1fr back i could get all the time in the world back.
If I had a step bar back, then I’d be drunk all the time.

You win some, you loose some.