Nuendo 6.5 True Peak Level

After running quick analysis over a selected range on Nuendo 6 the true peak read out would show the highest peak value for that selected range. Now in N6.5 it just gives a value that makes no sense (usually -78dB or -79dB) although after exporting the same selected range it will display the correct true peak value. Have I got something set wrong?


Yip, I was just about to start a thread on this as well. It seems to reset when you press stop, instead of retaining the value.

Ooops! Yes, just noticed that as well. It always shows “–” here, unless you export a mixdown, then it will retain the correct value. Pity, probably some bug that came in with the TP-graph. Hope we get that patched pretty soon…


thanks for pointing this out. I have already ask the dev team to investigate this issue.


Thanks Timo!!