Nuendo 6.5 VST Connect Menu Missing

I bought VST connect Pro 3 for nuendo 6.5.4 and the vast connect menu is not there??? anyone with this issue?? is there a way to solve it???

Hi there,

same issue here. I’m running Nuendo 6.5.40 64 bit and installed the new VST Connect Pro 3. The plugins are there and seem to be working, but I don’t have the mentioned submenu either.

Digging a little bit deeper it seems that the application extension which most probably provides the application level integration service of VSTConnect Pro 3 does not seem to be loaded correctly or recognized or just not working correctly. This is a separate component which is installed into C:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components and is named vstconnectpro.dll. I would have expected it to be found in the Module Cache file, but there is no entry about it, just the VST Connect Pro with the classes for the 3 audio plugins.


I’m on the test version, but I cannot get it work either…

And if I try to go the manual way Nuendo crashes as soon as I insert the VST Connect PRO plug into an input channel.

Hi all,

we have uploaded a new version of VST Connect Pro 3 that will fix the issue with Nuendo 6.5.40.

You can find the new installers here:

Sorry for the inconvenience.