Nuendo 6 64x Freezes at startup

I am not sure if anyone else is having or had this problem but I updated Nuendo 5.5 64x to 6 for windows 7 and when I launch the program it starts to load midi, VST plugins etc and then when it gets to the project entry window the window is completely blank has no field to enter a filename and the program freezes and hangs up my computer. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it please?
I have tried holding down ctrl, alt shift at the splash screen and then selected the option to disable loading the current preference file but that doesn’t help.
I have taken out the preferences folder for v5.5 and that didn’t help either. I have tried removing all the VST plugins from the Steinberg Plugins Folder but makes no difference.
I tried installing a 32 bit version of the software and that works fine but I need the 64x version. Nuendo 5.5 64x works fine on this machine so there are no software or hardware issues that I know of and my machine has 12GB RAM.

Would appreciate any help if you have an answer. Thanks.

It seems that one or some of your 32bit plugins aren’t compatible with N6. Have you tried to jBridge them?

I have freezes on startup on one machine all the time at “initialise VST Mixer”…

Nuendo 6 _64bit on a win 7 64bit Intel i5 quadcore machine…16GB RAM

ONLY 64bit plugs ,namely:

-UAD 6.5.2----latest version
-NI Komplete 8—latest version
-NI machine 1.8.2—latest version

i have deleted pref folder 20 times already!
After that it works for a while until the next launch.
Deleting plugs makes no difference…

I am NOT having this problem with Cubase 7.0.2…so,whats going on?
Anybody else?
Totally unusable on at least one of my PCs…will check on my vaio notebook and on my AMD machine later!

@ riwe
I am not sure if any of my 32 bit plugins are causing this problem, I removed all of the 32 bit dll’s from the steinberg VSTPlugins folder to see what would happen at launch and it hasn’t helped matters.

I would like to say this though. We have come to a stage with operating systems where exception errors, freezes and hangs etc get reported by the operating system with detailed information and then saved in a log file which can be sent back to developers to help resolve issues and improve the software.

It follows that it should be possible for a program such as Nuendo to be able to flag any issues that occur such as a rogue plugin and pull it out of the process altogether in a similar way that an antivirus program identifies suspected viruses and puts them into quarantine. Good software writing should be able to tell the user what plugin, assuming a plugin is making the program fail, is actually causing the problem instead of leaving him/her in mid air without providing any useful feedback and it would go a long way to help users to quickly get on with their work too.

But thanks for making the suggestion. I guess I rushed in too soon getting this update and will probably stay with 5.5 until this issue, whatever it is, and other issues being reported with Nuendo 6 are resolved.

You’re right, when you say that a good software should be able to tell the user what plugin or what part of the software causes the error (I know it very well, because I studied computer science and I’m also working as an IT professional). And it is also true, that a piece of software never will be 100% bug-free and of course it is also possible that Nuendo itself causes the error.

But in this case it seems that the problem is that you want that Nuendo reports errors that probably is not able to “see”. When e.g. a plugin causes an error and this plugin doesn’t report the error to Nuendo, Nuendo isn’t able to tell you where this error occurred, not even that it has occurred. The same with the hardware-interfaces. A software like Nuendo has always the problem that it supports many software- and hardware-interfaces and because of this, these interfaces are always a potential source of error. And when the plugin neither reports it’s errors to you as a user nor to the parent software which es the calling program (in this case Nuendo), you will only get some strange error messages or the program simply crashes.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S.: Your problem can also be caused from a hardware driver like e.g. a MIDI driver.

same problem with the 32bit Nuendo 6…at least on one machine…

working well on the notebook…cubase 7 also working…strange…

i will check if it is the UAD 6.5.2…

I agree with what you say and respect your higher understanding about this. But correct me if I am wrong, but to my understanding the operating system actually catches fatal errors and saves the information in a file in Windows System 32, I’m not exactly sure where it does this but based upon the information a software designer then has a map to show the origin of the problem and from this something can be done to rectify the issue.

It doesn’t seem impossible to me for software designers to create a tracking system which follows the next stage in the programs flow. When Nuendo or anything else has to launch it must have a set of rules which say where and what its about to load even though it might not know what it is actually loading it could atleast tell the user that: “I am at this point in the program (e.g loading VSTPlugins) and the error happened here.”

But I understand where your coming from and its absolutely true that programs will never be 100% bug free, so long as you also add “At the present time of our programming ability” because for sure computers will eventually write the software themselves and then they will be 100% bug free according to the coded operation that they are performing and then human programmers will have to go look for another job! I jest but its probably in the scheme of things to come and then maybe, Terminator or a Hero?

Anyway, previous version of Nuendo have never caused me any issues whatsoever and I have to conclude that since Nuendo 4, 5, 5.5 all work without any problems even on this machine that I have where its using the same midi/hardware drivers then there is something up with this current version of Nuendo and it is not my software that is at fault.
But thank you for the suggestion I will check it out but I don’t hold much hope.

Yes your’e right, that some errors are stored in lists of the windows event viewer. But there are only SOME errors documented. Unfortunately not all. In case of errors, moreover you will see only Nuendo there, because there aren’t modules listed (a plugin .dll is only a module for the calling application). So, if there is an error caused by a plugin you will not see the .dll name.

If someday in the future computers will write computer programs, the written program is as arror-free, as the program who writes the other program, error-free is. Which is probably also written by a human programmer. This is a hen-egg problem. :wink:

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not defending N6 when I say that it can be a plugin, etc. But it is true, that nobody can say for sure what’s the cause of those errors. When it worked with N5 and now with N6 it doesn’t work, it does not mean necessarily that N5 is more stable then N6. These error can also be some sort of compatibilty-error (which is very likely).


…it does not mean necessarily that N5 is more stable then N6. These error can also be some sort of compatibilty-error (which is very likely).

Okay agreed but since I report no compatibility issues with N4, N5 or N5.5 and suddenly I do have issues with N6 then its looking a lot like they have done something new with this version which is making the software incompatible with my system in a way that it hadn’t done so previously.

…Which is probably also written by a human programmer. This is a hen-egg problem…

Yes this is true. But I had in mind Artificial Intelligence where the program learns for itself and rewrites its own code and invents new rules which surpass the ones that humans make and is probably inevitable in the scheme of things.

Anyway were still stuck with current day N6 which is messing up my system badly so I hope that they find a fix for it soon.

Everything was fixed by going back to 32bit.
Plug-in compatibility was the issue for me.

Thanks all


@Dogger Pond
Yes I know it works as a 32 bit version on my system too with no plugin issues but I need the 64x version.

I called Steinberg tech support to get help but they said that they are no longer providing support for Nuendo and I must now speak to Yamaha. So I emailed Yamaha tech support three days ago and I am still waiting.

I have a bad feeling about future support for Nuendo now that Yamaha has taken it over. So I am seriously considering going back to N 5.5. But I am also seriously thinking of trying MOTU and DP or maybe ProTools - This is a bad situation N6 is really full of bugs and not good at all - really disappointing.

What’s your hardware? Have you downloaded the newest .inf-files for your chipset and the latest drivers for your hardware?

I have checked my hardware and firmware and the drivers are all up to date.

Its now the 26th March and I have had no answer from either Steinberg or Yamaha about this problem. So everything that has been said about getting support for N6 is absolutely true - Don’t waste your time you’ll get no where.