Nuendo 6 available / Grace Period

Dear Forum members,

Steinberg today releases Nuendo 6. The latest update is available via the Steinberg Online Shop
as well as via selected pro-audio dealers and distributors.

More information on Nuendo 6
Please find more information on Nuendo 6 here: Nuendo 6 product page

Important notice on GracePeriod updates
Grace Period updates can be obtained here: Grace Period updates
Any Nuendo 5.x version activated after November 14th 2012 is valid for a Grace Period Update.

Nuendo 6 Video Tutorials
More than 90 minutes cost-free tutorials on the new features and functions of Nuendo 6 are
available here:Nuendo 6 new feature

Have fun using Nuendo 6!


Thank you Timo

We’ll have fun, I am sure… and delivered on time, as well.
I hope, you have plenty of bugs in it, otherwise some people will be very unhappy and bored to death.

Just, how come that the download and the boxed version have the same price?
Is there a manual book in the boxed version?

Servus, Big K

Hello BigK,

there is no printed manual anymore.


If I buy the boxed version, can I download it as well?

Got the boxed version…I like boxes…It will be my third Nuendo box since N4…but now I have to wait…I don’t like waiting…
Ah well, definitely worth it though :slight_smile:
Congrats Steinberg, can’t wait to try it!

Does the download upgrade version include the bundled sound effects? How big a download is it??

It would be cool if we could buy the box as an option to the download option. I’d like to have a box version too.

The download version includes the SFX library. There are 3 Rar files that are 2 Gig each for a PC and a similar size for Mac.

Looks and feels amazing so far.

Hello Timo - could you possibly comment on the “Nuendo 6 pricing announced” thread?



Why my post have been erased?

Please do not double or triple post.

What if I buy the N6 update now, will I get a free update to 6.5 ?