Nuendo 6 Documentations and new "Hands On" script

Dear forum members,

Nuendo 6 official documentation
The official documentation for Nuendo 6 in 5 languages is now online and can be downloaded from here

Nuendo 6 “Hands On” document
We have recently compiled a short “Nuendo 6 Hands On” script. It is a brief overview (EN only) on certain features
and functional areas frequently demanded by some of our users: Nuendo 6 Hands On document


It is nice to see that the N6 user manual is now available in several languages, but I notice that (in the English version at least) it does not contain the changes made to the product since it was first released, which is a missed opportunity.

From time to time users are told (in effect) to RTFM, but this does not help if the document does not actually contain details of all features of the current version of the software.

Nuendo is expensive software, and there is no longer a paper manual which must be a great cost saving, so it would be nice if a little time was spent keeping the documentation up-to-date.

Wouldn’t it be nice (and very professional) to always have a complete manual with each new release, rather than an incomplete one + any number of addition/correction pamphlets throughout the life cycle of a product? - This approach is taken by other software that I use, and apart from anything else, it reduces the amount of support required from the developer. I’m surprised that Steinberg still use the outdated thinking that is only relevant to updating a hard-copy user manual.

This would be the ideal. At least it would be nice to get an addon to the manual which discribes the changes.

With Version 5.5 + Nek there was a separate pdf for the Nek functionality.
Since updating to Nuendo 6 + Nek 6, I have no pdf documents concerning Nek 6.
I bought the download version, is there separate documentation for Nek 6 anywhere to download?


Not having updated manual is the pits for me too. I don’t spend a whole lot of time at the console any more and I’ve always needed a refresher at the console. I really don’t mind it being a pdf but it really needs to be updated.
I just saw there’s a quick guide of sorts and will download it. Maybe this could be the updated pdf as we move forward.
Nuendo 1.6 - Nuendo 6.6. For me that’s a lot of info for my mind to store and delete from memory. :unamused: