Nuendo 6?

Any ETA on Nuendo 6?

isn’t there a Nuendo 5.5 due first?

Yes, Nuendo 5.5 is to be expected within a few months.
ETA was Q2 2011.


Which is the end of which is in like 3 days - if Steinberg’s quarters start on Jan 1. I am assuming this is now late?

And was there not another update semi-announced to come before 5.5?


Quarters normally have 3 months in them. :wink:


I think you’ll find that Q2 ends at the end of June not the beginning.

Right…not sure what I was thinking there…probably thinking "june"and thinking 6 months had already gone by…alrighty then…:slight_smile:


In the old forum, I remember the polls about the assumed release date :smiley:

I guess it’s Friday, 12th of August 2011.

Will it be 64 bit??

It already is 64bit. Oh you mean on “that” OS. :wink:


Don’t get me started now…!!