Nuendo 7.0.35 tracks are silenced / muted with automation

Suddenly, I reopened my Nuendo 7.0.35 project and many tracks make no sound. Vst tracks. But if I stop the track from reading the automation, and move the fader, it sounds! Even if I don’t check out the automation read, and I move the fader it sounds but if I let go the fader … muted again.

Be careful with the terms you use. Do you mean that your tracks are actually muted - meaning the “mute” button is enabled?

If you mean the tracks are just silent, then is your fader all the way down when that happens?

Try hitting the “Deactivate all Mute States” button in the tool bar when this happens.
I’ve seen this but it only happens once in a great while here. Sounds like the same bug people have been experiencing for quite a while now. Something to do with mutes/automation.

My mistake, in reality the tracks are silenced (the correct word), and the faders are not all the way down but following the automation I did in previous days. Luckily I just re-launched Nuendo and loaded the project again and it was fine. I fear one day it could get worse, lets hope not.