Nuendo 7.1.30 Update released

Dear forum members,

Steinberg is pleased to announce the release of Nuendo 7.1.30, a new maintenance update for Nuendo 7.

This update solves some issues in the scrub tool and automation of VCA Faders as well as adding stability to different areas of application.

A detailled Version History as well as the download installers are available here:
Nuendo 7.1.30 installer and Version History

Thank you for choosing Nuendo!

All the best

I’m curious to hear how VCAs will behave in real life…

I’m 98% sure the two issues that are said to be fixed are actually now fixed. Just have to test it, which I’ll do tomorrow maybe.

Thanks for being such a pain in Steinbergs back and keeping us informed, hope this is the end of a painful journey.

Thanks SB for the update. Some important bug and stability fixes that would affect quite a few. Here’s the version history document that lists the fixes and improvements: