Nuendo 7.1.35 -- freeze when alt-tabbing / thread i/o issue

Hello all,

At some point after moving over to Windows 10 a few months ago, this issue started happening and is very repeatable: after first firing up Nuendo in the morning, if I alt-tab away to focus on another window or even just click away to open a file via explorer, click over to Sound Forge, a web browser window, whatever … Nuendo will freeze up and become completely unresponsive for a long period of time. What’s particularly strange is that if I let it just sit for about 15 minutes or so, it will resume operation again, after which it will run reliably until the next time it’s shut down and restarted.

If I use Task Manager --> Details --> Analyze Wait Chain’, I see:
“One or more threads of Nuendo7.exe are waiting to finish network I/O”
“Nuendo7.exe (PID: 13864) Thread: 24916”

Using the app Process Hacker too look a bit more in depth at what those threads are, I see:
24916 - Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1fbfe88
Thread is sending a USER message:
Window 0x36018e (Nuendo7.exe (13864): 20772): tooltips_class32 “”

… and then following that thread, #20772 above:

20772 - ntdll.dll!EtwEventRegister+0x50

And that’s as far as I get as this thread doesn’t appear to be waiting on any other. Anyone got any bright ideas as to what the heck I can do to get this thing unstuck? I’ve added the full stack of each of these threads below in case that’s of any use to someone at Steinberg. Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


System details:
Windows 10 Enterprise, 64-bit
Intel Xeon E5-2687W v2 @ 3.4GHz
RME Fireface 800, driver 3.121, hardware revision 2.77

24916 - Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1fbfe88
0, user32.dll!SetWindowPos+0xa
1, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f5b021
2, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f5abfc
3, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f7549d
4, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f6cd3c
5, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f5a4ec
6, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f590bc
7, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x68c
8, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x91
9, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0xa12
10, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x7e4
11, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0xa12
12, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x8b1
13, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x68c
14, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x402
15, user32.dll!GetTopWindow+0x16e
16, ntdll.dll!KiUserCallbackDispatcher+0x24
17, user32.dll!InvalidateRect+0x3a
18, user32.dll!IsWindowInDestroy+0x8a3
19, user32.dll!IsWindowInDestroy+0x442
20, uxtheme.dll!ThemeInitApiHook+0x1944
21, uxtheme.dll!Ordinal104+0x7e7
22, uxtheme.dll!ThemeInitApiHook+0x4384
23, uxtheme.dll!ThemeInitApiHook+0x2b71
24, user32.dll!IsWindowInDestroy+0x599
25, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f75e23
26, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f6cd3c
27, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f5a4ec
28, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f590bc
29, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x68c
30, user32.dll!CallWindowProcW+0x91
31, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0xa12
32, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x7e4
33, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0xa12
34, dinput.dll!DllUnregisterServer+0x8b1
35, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x68c
36, user32.dll!DispatchMessageW+0x1b7
37, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1e5f843
38, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f3a07d
39, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1f39ff9
40, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1c0b9ec
41, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x18013b4
42, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1801a51
43, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x46676a
44, Nuendo7.exe!y8_ippsLn_32f_A21+0x1fbffe4
45, kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x22
46, ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x34

20772 - ntdll.dll!EtwEventRegister+0x50
0, ntdll.dll!ZwWaitForWorkViaWorkerFactory+0xa
1, ntdll.dll!EtwEventRegister+0x2e5
2, kernel32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x22
3, ntdll.dll!RtlUserThreadStart+0x34