Nuendo 7.1 & VST Connect Pro 4

Is Nuendo working with VST Connect Pro 4? At the website they are just saying you got to have Cubase 8.5 . No word about Nuendo. There is no Nuendo 7.5. So I am afraid, that it doesn’t work and I don’t update. What’s you opinion or experience?

Hello tim_heinrich,

VST Connect Pro 4 and Nuendo 7 work just fine. The reason why only Cubase 8.5 is mentioned for VST Connect Pro 4 is that the new features on this version are related to the VST Cloud / VST Transit that are only available in Cubase 8.5 but it doesn’t mean that it is not working together with other Cubase/Nuendo versions.

In other words, if you don’t have Cubase 8.5, you won’t need the new functionality of VST Connect Pro 4, so you might as well stay with VST Connect Pro 3.

I know it sounds a bit confusing, but I hope this information helps a little.

All the best