Nuendo 7 Audiointerrupts

I am new here in this Forum. I am user of Nuendo 6.5 and want to upgrade to Nuendo 7. Therefore I have downloaded the Trial version. On my HP Z400 Workstation Audio PC, I remarked under Windows 7 some audio interrupts mutes for a few seconds. This happens not perodically, but randomly. Sometimes it takes a 5 seconds, sometimes two minutes. Increasing the buffers from the Audio interface (512 to 1024) do not have any affect on it.
When it happens the diskcache goes to full Level for short time. I work since Nuendo 5.5 with this Workstation and the HW configuration is generally said the same. It must be a software update of a Driver or OS that leads to this problem. I have set up the PC from new with Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro. The PC works fast but the Interrupts remains on both Nuendo 6.5 and Nuendo 7. Also the connected CC121 disconnects when an interupt comes up. A reconnection automatically do not work. The remote control do not show the playstate e.g. Do anyone have same issues with Nuendo? The interessting thing, Wavelab 8.5 installed on the same PC, accessing to the same external Lacie RAID and the same Focusrite Saffire Interface do not make any audio interrupts.

Thanks for any information that can solve the problem. André

Equipment: HP Z400, Samsung SSD HDD 500GB, Memory 12 GB, eSata Lacie RAID0, Audiointerface Firewire Saffire Liquid 56.

I think you will have to use a support ticket for a system specific thing like that. Its very difficult in a forum to go into such detail of your setup.
Or call me tomorrow. Im close by (Lucerne) 041 535 38 89



My first bet would be the firewire interface.
What happens when you temporarily switch to another ASIO driver.
(If you have an onboard chipset you could try ASIO4ALL)

I’m not a windows audio user anymore myself, so I might be completely wrong.

Ditto on the Fire-wire interface.
Although even Steinberg says that with current versions of Cubase and Nuendo it isn’t necessary, most Fire-wire ASIO interfaces will still need to have Background Services prioritized instead of Programs in Advanced System Settings. I would also shut off the Steinberg Hub. And, unless you absolutely need it, I would shut down your network connection, which can also adversely impact a fire-wire audio device. Along that same line, make sure you aren’t sharing any of your audio, sample, video drives if you need to keep your network device open for some reason. Any unnecessary calls on those devices while you are working can be a problem, even if they are SSDs.

Upon looking over the initial post again, and considering that this isn’t happening with WaveLab, perhaps this is a VST instrument or plugin issue.