Nuendo 7 & Eucon Protools Control


Anybody tried the latest free Protools Control. It really is good (my opinion). Only issue is if u have more than 39 audio tracks in your project and u switch protools control to Track view, it crashes Nuendo. besides that everything else works great in Nuendo. If i can get this solved im buying a Protools Dock.
So if someone has the time, give the fee app a go & let me know if u get the same issue.
I tried both Win 10 & OSX Yosemite, same problem.


did you install the EuCon Pro license from MySteinberg?


Hi Timo,

Do i need a license to use Eucon 3.4? I’m using it just with Ipad & free Protools Control.
Everything works except it crashes Nuendo when i hit Track View in Protools Control with more than 36 audio tracks.
If i have less than 35 audiotracks than everything works well, even if i hit Track View.


Cant’t repro.
Had 49 tracks on a test project. Worked fine.

Btw. It is odd that avid nakes a better ipad controller for Nuendo than Steinberg can do. And for free.

I’d really likee to use ic pro but it lacks so much stuff like insert control…

Hi Tumppi,

Can u let me know what was ur software & hardware setup, like OSx or win , what type of wifi/ router etc

Thnx man would really appreciate it.


sorry forgot to ask, did u try to switch to track view on protools contol?

My systen is in my signature.
Latest versions of eucon etc.
Router is just basic router that comes from cable operator.

And yes I switched to all view, messed around awhile, swithed back and forth.

No problems.

Confirmed on my 10.11.5 hexacore cheese grater with eucon 3.4 and nuendo 7.040

Hi Oliver,

Sorry, but is it confirmed working or confirmed same issue as me?

I just blew another 90 bucks on another router and i still cant get it to not crash in tracks view mode :frowning:,

I do have the license for eucon Artist series, bt i dont think that is the issue

I’ve looked into settings in Eucontrol preferences and nuendo eucon preferences but i cant find what im doing wrong.

I have 100 audio tracks on my test project and no crashes when switching to tracks view.
See picture…

Confirmed crash with iPad. It works with Artist control.

Thnk for the info tumppi, much appreciated.You are one of the lucky ones :slight_smile:. I’ve checked on the avid duc protools control sub forum.
And there are some that have the problem and some dont. Its only cubase/nuendo users with this particular issue.
One guy upgraded to windows 10 and changed his router and the problem was gone. Thnx oliver for your feedback.
I hope some more can try over the weekend cos i think u will like the eucon integration of cubase/nuendo on the ipad.

Also just for info if u dont already know, you have access to the input section gain, phase, HPF, LPF and complete control of the standard channel EQ. You can choose plugins to insert into channels right from the Ipad itself with full control of all parameters that are laid out better than on a MCU and many many more. Only problem is if u like faders & knobs then u have to spring & for the Protools Dock.

Hi, i’ve been trying to solve this issue but still no luck. But i’ve discovered you can have as many tracks as u want in Protools Control mixer view or channel view but when u want to change to track view you must be focused on the very last 8 banks of tracks of your project, before you switch to track view. If you do his then Track view wont crash cubase/nuendo. But the moment you try to navigate down to the other tracks in track view, it will crash Cubendo. Happens both in Win10 & OSX Yosemite. I know some dont have this problem but i and some others on the DUC are having this issue with Cubendo.
I had some free time and a spare Hdisk, so i reinstalled a fresh Win 10, Nuendo 7.0.40, Eucon 3.4 & nothing else but its still a no go.


I have the same problem too cubase 8.5 crash when track view, can you report this to avid and cubase maker please

And here we are in the typical situation where the companies remain silent and the user cannot solve the problem. By the way it happens with the newer iPad Pro 9.7 as well.

Its a weird problem.
I want so much to buy a protools dock. Avid cant do anything on their side cos they say its a Steinberg problem.
The drivers are eucon which were developed by steinberg/euphonix. Steinberg is under Yamaha who have their Nuage Controller. Under this conditions Steinberg isnt really motivated in looking into the problem cos theres no $ to be made for them if i bought Protools Dock. So there u go. Ive given up on waiting for them to even answer.

The ultimate frustration.
I’ve tested the app myself, it’s a shame that it’s much better than the Steinberg Cubase remote app.
It sends a touch parameter that Nuendo understands, so as far as I know it’s the only tablet app that supports touch automation, it’s response time is superb, it’s even got color coding of tracks for super fast navigation. I can imagine it being a superb piece of gear with one of the big iPad pros (not supported at the moment)
We’ll have to see what Steinberg comes up with. I really hope they design a professional smaller scale editing/small room kind of gear.