Nuendo 7 main/project window behavior

Hello guys,

I have a quick question about the new window docking Nuendo 7 features that 6.5 didn’t yet.

There are two things I am curious about if there are settings for to change the behavior back to how it was.

1: When I go back to Nuendo from another app or window via the taskbar icon, it only opens the main top menu bar and not my project. I have to click it again to open my project window. I would like it to open the project window immediately.

2: The top menu bar remains in my screen when I minimize the project. Before V7 you had two minimization icons, one for entire app and another just for your project window. Now these are overlapped. (I know I can move the project window underneath it, but I prefer it to be docked into the main application like it was before)

This might seem minor but I change applications a lot and I would love it if I could change this behavior back to how it was.

Can someone enlighten me and tell me if there are some settings for this or perhaps any other thread that concerns this I might have missed? I would love to hear it!

I am also very much open to hearing about reasons why this can actually be a healthy workflow enhancer so it might be easier to accept if it isn’t adjustable :smiley:

I am on windows 10/Nuendo 7.1.2

Thank you for reading.

Hi Tom,
Once you minimize it I think it always behaves that way. I would suggest using Win 10 Virtual Desktops instead which are pretty great. Hold Down Ctrl and the Win Key and go back and forth with the left and right arrows.

Hi John, I have been experimenting with Virtual Desktops today, thank you for this tip. It is definitely quick if you get used to it and a nice addition to my workflow.

Thing is though, when I have Nuendo on Desktop 1 and for instance some text editors on desktop 2 and I switch between them, the main app menu bar, control room mixer and media bay still remain on the other desktop. I never seems to minimize the entire application so the overlaying windows also remain. Maybe the always on top setting overrules the desktop switching?

I wonder, might there be an always on top setting somewhere for the main menu bar perhaps? I have not found it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for your input in the matter!

Hi all,

same problem here: win10pro 64bit N7 latest vers

I’ve hated the new window management since day one on version 7. I haven’t seen a single word from Steinberg on this though, not even a “Yeah, sorry, we understand what your problem is…”

The movement between application just sucks. I can’t really find a better word for it.

Nothing is “broken”…it is a feature :wink:

Good to hear i’m not the only one experiencing this. I don’t really know what to do with it, other than getting used to it i guess :stuck_out_tongue: Getting Nuendo support in the Netherlands is next to impossible as they outsourced it to some different company. They can not give useful feedback on this.