Nuendo 7 NEK

Hi! I need to download the Nuendo7 NEK (among others) to complete my Redbox. Can someone tell me where I can found it?

Thank you so much!

Martin Sznaider

As far as I know NEK is included with the Nuendo 7 full installer. Simply having the NEK license automatically activates its functions in your existing Nuendo installation (score editor, etc). If you’re missing Retrologue and Groove Agent SE 4 you’ll have to run the full installer again.

As said above, once you enter your license into your e-Licenser it reveals the NEK functionality within Nuendo.

There is a LOT of functionality in NEK. If you compose and are into MIDI, NEK is essential in my view.

I would like to know what do u find essential in the NEK that composers MUST have?

Have a look at this page…

and crack open the Nuendo manual and search for NEK only items, particularly in the MIDI sections

It is $150. USD which is less than most commercially available VSTs

You get scoring capability, a useful Circle of Fifths with the Proximity Chord Assistant app, The List Editor, detailed MIDI editing as shown on the NEK page and way deeper than that. Check the +1700 page Nuendo manual. Your answers are there.

You also get a bunch of VST synths and a unique beat designer and Grove Agent to round it off.

If you need more convincing you don’t need it.