Nuendo 7 on Avid HDX and Avid I/O?

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haven’t been here in quite a while since I switched to ProTools HDX a few years back. But since PT has this annoying bug (not going into details here) that makes it very unstable and Avid won’t fix it… it’s been more than a year… I am seriously thinking of moving back to Nuendo (my last version was 6).
My question is: Will Nuendo 7 run fine on HDX hardware? Latency and so forth (MAC) Or would I need to get rid off the hardware and reinvest yet again in Nuendo friendly hardware?

Yes, I did search but couldn’t find anything definitive.


Well, I don’t have any experience but what I have read on the did is that avid had a lot of issues with the native hex driver. Are they solved now. Iirc avid limited the hardware IO quite a bit in the past when running third party software on their hardware.
Just my uninformed ponderings.

We run our PTHD systems without Avid HW so I don’t use their hw any more.

we run our HD Native (not hdx) with an old 192I/o (digital an analog) and a newer HD I/O (all analog) with Nuendo7.1.2 on Windows 8.1 x64… works very well… while recording, on my system i run a buffer size of 64… stable!
On my machine (64 smpl) i have an input latancy of 2.938ms, and output latancy of 2.5ms …

We also have a RME UFX unit, but when i use that i even got better latancy results! It almost drops to around 1.5ms input, and 1.2ms output on 64… so… RME is still very strong :slight_smile:

To be clear, on a windows machine it is totally fine to use hd(x) cards and their hardware… but when you look at the price vs performance, it is “just okay” :wink:


thanks for the info!

We do have issues with the Avid HDX driver and Nuendo: you only are able to set Avids driver settings in Nuendo when you execute Nuendo as administrator. As I want to use it as standard user in our domain this is not possible, as the Avid driver defaults to 1024 samples of latency.
Do you know a fix for that?

There is no fix for “Run as Administrator” issue… it’s a documented limitation of the HD driver on Windows and is needed for all ASIO applications.This is not an issue on Mac. Also, on Windows, the HD driver reports incorrect ASIO latency to Nuendo / Cubase, so if you record anything live you’ll have to set the record offset in ASIO setup appropriately. I ended up measuring the latency manually for each buffer size and sample rate and keep the results on a desktop sticky note. I then enter the offset as needed (which is rarely… only when changing buffer sizes). Hope that helps!

I’m trying to do the same thing, but at work. I’m running Nuendo 7.1.20 on a mac cheese grater running OS X 10.8.5. The studio has a Sync HD box and a HDX. All I want to be able to do is do playback using the HDX, however I can’t assign any outputs in the connections of Nuendo. Nuendo does see the HDX, but I know part of the issue is probably the Avid Core Audio driver isn’t talking with to Nuendo. The Core Audio driver is just locked and I can’t adjust any preferences. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m also gonna try OS X 10.9.5, on a Omni as well and see if I have any luck with that.

Running PT 11 if that is info that may be needed.

Hello SGJ,

Do some checking before upgrading - the CoreAudio driver in PT used to work, then didn’t, then apparently just started working again with some recent PTv12.x. I thought it also was OS version related, don’t remember.
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