Nuendo 7 vs Cubase Pro 8

Hello friends.

I’m considering purchasing Nuendo, but its kinda pricey in comparison to Cubase Pro 8.
How is Nuendo superior to Cubase? What makes it fourfold higher in cost?
What are some real life scenarios in which Nuendo would outshine Cubase? and why?

I´ve researched about this and found a couple of differences (ADR, a few exclusive plugins, crossfade editor and video editing).

I’m just thinking, do these account for almost 4 times the pricetag?

Please shed some light on my ignorance.

Depends on what your line of business is.
For music making, there is no need for Nuendo.
When you want to launch yourself into the “Sound For Picture”-business, then you will need these extra features at some point.


Hi Headlands,

Thank you for the lentghy reply.

Allow me dig into your ideas.

  1. What automation features does Nuendo have that Cubase doesnt?
  2. What are those bad design decisions in 8.5?
  3. What VCA fiasco are you talking about?

Thanks for your time!

Really all you need to know is that if you rely on VCAs then that shouldn’t be a reason to buy Nuendo at this time. At best you can navigate around the remaining issue, or issues, and at worst you could potentially damage your equipment because of it. It’s supposedly going to be fixed in the next version, but we don’t really know exactly when it will show up, and Steinberg said they’d fixed it two times before, and they didn’t. So if VCAs are a concern, skip Nuendo until it’s really truly fixed. Just trust us on that.