NUendo 8.1.10 heavier on CPU

After updating to 8.1.10 and opening same project I get CPU spikes where It was fine before the update.

Actually I’m on 8.1 still and been recently having these weird CPU spikes even when overall usage is around, say, 15… wonder what that is. I’m on Win10 though.

Can you hear those spike?

Cheers, Big K

Is your GUI snappier with the update?

It may be that there is some level of additional load under OSX from the improvements to GUI responsiveness in the new N8 update. No way to tell without more people testing in a controlled setting. I have started a new thread to encourage that.

I also thought that GUI might use a bit more of CPU. Did not really feel any improvements so far. Maybe I don’t use those specific functions.

It was working fine for my needs before apart from a few things. One is a problem of playing audio outside of Nuendo once Nuendo is running. Causes distortions. Only help is releasing audio driver option. Sometimes there is no audio going on so I have to switch between Nuendo and any other application for Nuendo to start playing sound. I had no such troubles in Nuendo 7 before.

Anyway I am quite happy with N8. Cubase 9.5 features will be wikked. Looking forward to them!

thanks Steinberg!

Nuendo 8.1.1 found a very important problem, 1: MOV video files can be read before, and now there will be some read can not appear: 2: When playing the sound will appear not smooth, take up CPU resources than nuendo8.1 Taller.
win 10