Nuendo 8.1 and AVID ProTools Dock

'm looking for any up-to-date experience of the Avid Dock/iPad combi with Nuendo; specifically Nuendo 8.1.

I’ve seen the reviews, walkthroughs and understand the functionality. Just wondering about the real-world software integration, and how fluid its operation is in an audio-post environment. I have daily experience with the Avid S6, so know what the Dock might be able to do.

Any pros / cons / quirks / thoughts appreciated.

I’ve been looking at it but don’t have it yet myself…interested though.

However, you can experience the iPad portion of the equation by downloading the PT Control app and installing the eucon drivers…it’s free and works well, bar the occasional iPad disconnect. There is a eucon driver for Nuendo too, and you’ll have to add it in the devices window.
I’ve been using it for a long time and it’s fast.

Nice idea Joris - am doing so right now. Thanks :sunglasses:

can you check if on projects with more than 36 tracks, when switching to tracks view PT Control crashes Nuendo?
Nuendo freezes.

PT Control definitely becomes very unstable once you reach a certain track count, very frustrating. Cubase iCPro works well but colors do not sync (and no one from Steinberg will acknowledge this) so high track count sessions are a bit more difficult to get around in. Maybe if we did a mash up of the devs we could have stability and color sync?

You can read more about it here:

Good to know, thanks D&P

We’re running projects with circa 80 tracks without any problems, but I’m yet to see it handle a feature film session.