nuendo 8.1 video stutter issue

hi folks,

maybe some of you have the same issue:

in a simple recording session (playback track and mono recording track) a DNxHD video is unregulary stuttering / dropping frames!

i tried other video files, also on different HDD’s (including external usb 3.0 drive). i switched to a different video hardware (inensity shuttle),
and still have the same issue.

the overal performance should not be be an issue:

i7, 32 gb ram, evo ssd, win 10 64 bit, intel z 270 chipset,
nvidia ti 1080
blackmagic intensity pro (or shuttle, checked both)

the cpu and ram performance is running at 10 %

has anyone an idea?

all the best,

I have exactly the same issue
help please

What Frame Rate and pixel dimensions is the video? Have you gone into the Blackmagic Video software and matched up the frame rate and video size to be the same? and is Nuendo setup so the frame rate and video size are set to the same as the source video?

I have seen PAL based footage at 50p with problems listed here a couple of months ago. If your footage is progressive or you are using a monitor that cannot switch between interlaced and progressive video, make sure you check the PSF output setting in the BM driver software near the bottom of the dialogue box. This will increase the likelihood of the signal playing nice with your monitor. PSF will make a progressive signal appear to the signal processing device chain that it is interlaced even if it isn’t.

Another thing of interest would be where the DNxHD encoding was done, was is done to 8 bit? This is important as Nuendo only sees the 8 bit based driver settings on the BM cards, as far as I am aware. Good chance if your footage is from a supplier/client, it will be encoded to a 10 bit spec. If so, re-encode it to 8 bit DNxHD and try importing the new video to see how things go.


Here is a set of three screenshots that may help you sort things out, assuming your problem is with utilizing incompatible video bit depth encoded videos in your Nuendo project…

hi andrew,
thank you for your reply and the detailes screenshots.

i checked all the footage again: and i only used 8-bit DNxHD 25fps@1080p and corresponding the BM driver.
strange is the sometimes the BM did not really respond and stayed @23,98 fps - after several times the BM stayed the the right frame rate.
but the "stuttering " issue is still there and appears unregularry and not understandable…
it only affects the video display via the BM card - the audio recording is without any dropouts…

at the moment i downgraded to N7 - and there are no problems at all! ;o((

so i checked also chipset compatibilty (intel Z270) - there should be no problems.

so in my opinion there is something happening with the new video engine in N8?


The same here. Audio is fine, video stutters; also the user interface stutters in play as long as the video window (F8) is active.
I’m just using Onscreen Window.


It would be helpful to know if you are all on PC or MAC.

And some info about the video files you are using plus video card specification and driver version for that card.

Not having any video problems on my cheesegrater hexacore with intensity pcie.
Even jumping between different video files of the same codec for picture edit changes works without dropping frames. Quite impressive. Maybe it’s a windows thing.

I have the same issues as mentioned above.
I’m on a Mac Pro Trashcan playing back a ProResLT 422 1080p 25fps through BM Mini Monitor (works in N7).

I’m having this issue with Nuendo 8.2. I purchased the DNxHD license so I could use an i-frame codec and since I master in DNxHD. I was having lots of issues with other codecs, so I thought this would be a great solution.

First video I imported was DNxHD 1080/59.94 HQ 8-bit. That would scrub fine but it only played a second or two then the audio would continue but the video was frozen. I tried lower settings for resolution and frame rate until I finally got somthing that will generally play without hiccups: DNxHD 720/29.97 8-bit SQ thin raster, but even then I have to scale the video player window down to half size on my 1080p resolution monitor and it’s not perfect. I got latest nvidia drivers installed with clean install, made sure my monitor drivers are latest and restarted but that didn’t help. Here’s my hardware:

dual 8-core 2.4 Xeons (32 cores total including virtual)
Geforce GTX 1080
media hosted on Thunderbolt 2 RAID-5 array able to sustain ~900MB/s
Windows 10

Anyone find any solutions here? I also purchased the DNxHD license but it hasn’t helped. I currently have to export soundtracks and sync in Premier pro before sending to Producers which is kind of nuts.

Has anyone actually got Nuendo to work with Video at all? Is there some magic codec everyone’s using to get this to work.

If anyone still have this problem:
Uncheck ‘Enable HiDPI’ in Preferences (General).