Nuendo 8,10 plus Eucon = Crash

Hi. I think it lasts for years. Today I updated Eucon to version and Avid Artist Control v2 to firmware version
When I try to make a mono track routed to 5.1 master output Nuendo 8-10 crashes. Stereo or 5.1 tracks can be added with no problems. Can you fix this very annoying issue cause it just makes my Artist Control being a piece of junk. I always do have a lot of mono tracks with 5.1 output in my porojects. I know that I’m not the first who asks for it but it’s real headache. Thanks.

actually, I just updated Eucon and the artist mix and it’s the same for me.
I solve the problem by doing a restart eucon applications

here is the same
off and on and it works again


Are you sure guys that you have at least one mono track routed to 5.1 output in your project? No off-ons help me to solve crashing Nuendo, whenever I start eucon before loadind Nuendo project or after ( Even restart eucon software didn’t help.