Nuendo 8.21 update fails

My update fails.This is the message I get.

Nuendo Update has fails. The installation source for this product is unavailable. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.

Any suggestions?

Uninstall Nuendo, restart, delete (or copy to another folder) all related folders and install Nuendo from scratch…worked for me…

I’ve also had this problem since 8.2. It seems, as per Steiny Canada phone-in support, that it’s the 8.1 update that was a tad wonky in this regard, so installing 8.2 over it became troublesome.

The solution is quite simple. I backed up my Nuendo Prefs folder, [always a good policy] then just ran the Nuendo 8.0 installer again (without uninstalling anything first, 'cuz an Un&Re can be painfully time consuming)

Then I just ran the 8.2.10 update. Worked perfectly plus Nuendo installer left all my current prefs intact…except for it now has a different File/Preferences layout so I lost my colours, but that was a quick fix.

Works perfectly so far.

That’s a great idea… thanks!