Nuendo 8.3.10 cannot open Nuendo Live 2.0.0 projects

Is anyone else having issues with Nuendo 8.3.10 not opening Nuendo Live 2.0.0 projects?

I can obviously open the project in Nuendo Live 2.0.0 and also with Cubase 10.0.5 and with Cubase 9.5.41

If i open the Nuendo Live 2 Project with Cubase 10 and save it as a Cubase 10 project, then i can open it in Nuendo 8.5

But Nuendo 8.5 will not directly open a Live 2 project.



Does any message appear? Or what exactly happens when you try it?


Nothing happens it just doesn’t not open it. There is no project window or mixer window displayed.

But if i then open an existing Nuendo project after trying to open a Live 2 project the project will not play, the master fader becomes somehow disconnected from the project. All the channel meters are playing but the Master channel has no metering activity or sound output.

if i restart Nuendo, the exisitng project plays as normal.



Could you try to call any Workspace?

It works to me as expected here. The project window appears.