Nuendo 8 and studio pass crash

Hi there. I’m on N8 and N10
I cannot successfully connect Studio Pass iPhone app to Vst connect.

I generate memetic login code, and when entered into studio pass, it crashes the iOS app immediately. Often Nuendo is unstable after as well.

I’ve tried pro and SE. BOTH seem to be included With MY n8 and N10 software. Is that correct? Or do I need to purchase something to make it work?


No, yo do not need to buy anything special to run Nuendo and the Studio Pass app. To investigate your problem we need the information which iOS version you are using? iOS 11? 12? And you are running Windows 7, right?


Thanks for the reply. That’s correct. Windows 7 (64bit) and iOS 12.1.3

I’ve now had some experiences where it doesn’t crash, but will not connect. “Sorry. Connection failed. No reply.”

This is using the numeric code method of logging in with studio pass.

Thanks for any help…