Nuendo 8 Controller

Is there any midi keyboard or controller for a fair price that has full integration with Nuendo 8

Full integration, and fair price ( so not Nuage then) is a tall order but here goes

The Novation Automap keyboards (ReMote) do a good job for trying to control everything, including plugins. I have one which I just retired … almost too complex. But if you are a controllerist it’s vert deep.

The Mackie MCU Pro series of mixer style controllers are great. Big footprint though. Mine is back in its box for that reason! Not a keyboard though …

The SB app Cubase iCPro works great on an iPad in NUendo and these days I love it. I have it set up for lots of button and transport control… it does faders but not the way a real fader does.

Any MIDI keyboard with knobs and faders can control certain aspects of Nuendo. For instance the Arturia Keylab series will control the Nuendo mixer with its Faders via MIDI CC and Transport via MMC. Others might use Mackie Control for transport. If the Device is compatible with Cubase it will work with Nuendo in my experience.

Finally the old SB CMC USB controllers might still be around on eBay. I think these were great.I still use the QC (Quick Controller) for the native Nuendo EQ . The Transport module is good too.

I do have the Novation Remote SL MK II 61 keys , but can not get it to work on a new windows 10 fresh Install.
Not even the transport buttons will work, and nor the mixer.
I contacted Novation and they told me Nuendo 8 is not supported any longer in the latest Automap ???

You are correct…

Seems they’re only supporting the newer versions Cubase at the moment, and not Nuendo. That is lame.

Somehow I don’t see a bright future for automap… I honestly think it’s too fiddly for most users.

I’m quite happy with the Presonus Faderport 16. In conjunction with Cubase iCPro or the PT’s Control app it’s a pretty solid setup. john