Nuendo 8 -> Google Analytics?

Why does the plug in scanner wants to contact Google Analytics, reported by my firewall “Hands Off”? What does it like to report?
I would see this is as an unfriendly act.

The creepy and invasive practices of self-empowered multinational corporations just keeps on coming.

I don’t like this. Does anybody like this, besides the people creeping around doing it?

This was triggered by one of your plugins trying to connect to the internet. The plugin scanner loads the plugins to check for crashes and other bad behavior.

You can figure out which by moving all of a developer’s plugins to another folder. Do this until the warning goes away.

Usually I see which plug in wants to connect where, typically from Native Instruments, Radix, Soundtoys etc. But this time it pointed to a Nuendo component directly.
Note: all my many plug ins are fully legit, I just hate it to be observed and being spied on, whatever the reason is.


I don’t know if this is the case or not but google have a huge system named Firebase designed for developers who want to incorporate in their apps things like Cloud Messaging, Dynamic Links, Remote Config, Authentication, Realtime Database, Crashlytics and much more. It is possible that your firewall recognises such system as potential spy when in fact it could be in your benefit. dynamically real-time services are not always bad in this era.
just food for thought, Cheers